Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Watching the Olympics has made me fall in love all over again with Cheburashka, the whimsical Russian forest creature, also know as team Russia's mascot and good-luck charm.


Well, I think we'll have to move Denmark up a couple of notches on our Travel WishList. Last night, I had an overwhelming craving for a breaded fish/open faced sandwich (I know! WTF?!). And so this morning - in a completely unrelated moment of yearning - I wikipediaed Copenhagen just... because. And what do I learn? That the national dish is a breaded fish/open faced sandwich! This is no coincidence.

Élégie en rouge

Red Colored Elegy is finally being released en français by les Éditions Cornélius, who make the most beautiful books. No date set for a Canadian release yet, and no one is anwsering my emails at Renaud-Bray (nice going RB). Will I have to wait until our next trip to Paris in 2011?