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My Liberty Scarf

With a little luck we’ll be going to New York City in July, and so, well obviously, I’ll be going to Purl Soho! I'd like to purchase these fabrics to make a Luxury Liberty Scarf as seen the Purl Bee... Seeing as I’ll be an expert once I've taken the Sew Basics workshop at Emeline & Annabelle and all... How hard can it be to sew a square?! (See last blogpost).

Anyways, here’s hoping we get to make that July trip to the Big Apple! And maybe – just maybe – I’ll pick up this Charley Needlepoint Canvas:

Or this one:

And perhaps this yellow tote from The Strand:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yes! Quince = Coings

French Wiki
English Wiki

Manchego Cheese, Quince, and Walnut Crostini

Off to the Market to buy some bread and some Manchego cheese - this is all I want to eat all week.

Is quince coings in French?

Recipe over at Brooklyn Farmhouse.

Emeline and Annabelle Couture Café

Emeline and Annabelle's is a new sewing café/lounge in town where you can sip coffee while finishing your projects (with or without help). They also sell beautiful quilting cottons, and offer sewing workshops.

Little sister Isa and I will attending 'Sew Basics' in June (I got lucky and won a free workshop for 2)! Montreal's West Side desperately needed a craft lounge like this (in addition to Mouliné Yarns, Ariadne Knits and Effiloché, who all rock). Purl Soho eat your heart out!

Their Flickr account has great photos.